Sing With Your Child Month

Sing With Your Child Month

In March, Music Together® celebrates "Sing With Your Child Month"

It is no accident that we celebrate Sing With Your Child Month in March—a month symbolizing rebirth and growth, which reminds us of our most precious resource—our children.

The importance of parents actively making music with their children cannot be stressed enough. Music education is integral to children's overall development. In fact, a number of studies suggest that parents who make music with their children will help them develop better linguistic and cognitive capabilities. Childhood music development is a natural process, just like language development, and the model of a music-making parent is essential to the child's musical growth.

As parents, we have only a finite amount of time to connect with our children before they grow up. Studies show that when parents sing and make music with their children they form everlasting bonds, which ultimately allow the children to feel safe and secure as they grow, putting them on the road to future successes.

In addition to the bonding that occurs when parents sing and make music with their children, the children grow into confident music-makers. And Music Learning Supports All Learning® by promoting creativity, personal expression, and social interaction.

The beauty is that making music with children does not require special skills or musical talent. In fact, this may be the one time in your life when the audience (e.g. your children) will always be thrilled with your participation—and want more! It is these experiences that will live in children's memories for the rest of their lives and help them develop all the necessary qualities to grow into loving and confident adults.

The impact of singing and making music with your child is immeasurable, and the rewards of this simple act will help us make the world a much better place than it is now.

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