Music is for Everyone!

This article was in a Music Together® Worldwide recent newsletter. I loved it so much I wanted to share with everyone ...

Mom and child singing together

Meghan, a mom of twins, watches professional soccer matches on weekends with her children. Afterwards, she often grabs a ball and takes the family to the park to play the game. "I'm inspired to run around and kick the ball after watching the pros have at it," she says. But after Meghan and her family watch The Voice, she doesn't leap up and belt out a song. "I see those incredible singers and I think, 'I could never do what they do.'" Meghan is not alone. Most of us see music as something reserved for a talented few and choose to be music-watchers rather than music-makers. In reality, we are all born with the raw materials to sing and dance, just like we are wired to learn to speak and run.